One of the basic features include the addition of access to the log files of the web server (log files), in which the user accesses and other, important for the operator of the bid data is stored. Many service providers allow their customers as well, own databases and Common Gateway Interface (CGI) scripts to integrate into the site.

Such scripts can be interactive elements in a web page to embed, for example, for the processing of online forms. Another added bonus the provider is a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) access through which the customer can copy HTML and other files on his rented webspace. The ISPs also provide interfaces to programs for designing web pages, such as “Microsoft FrontPage” or “fusion” of Netobjects.

Since the rates of Web-Hoster are increasingly same as peas in a pod, it is likely the future of custom service to be one of the key competitive factors. Some providers agree (SLAs), which is agreed with the provider in a certain availability or response time for outages contracted with the customer with its customers service-level agreements.

When choosing a provider, it is important to watch out for pitfalls. Are the costs of registering and the rent of the domain included in the basic price or hidden in the footnote? That makes it quick between 100 to 200 extra per year Mark. Free support should also be granted. Mandatory fees-saturated numbers for customer support are rip-offs and have no place in a reputable supplier.

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