Does DM Solutions provide cheap domain hosting?

A wide range of domains (.de .com, .net and many more) can be found at DM Solutions. Check whether your desired domain name is still available and register your domains quickly and easily.

Our Domain is completely free for you and allows you to set up multiple e-mail addresses.

Additional Information

As the domain provider DM Solutions is your registrar for more than 200 domain endings available. Whether a classical domain name such as .co.u, .com .org or .net or .eu domain endings, such modern or .me – we offer easy and quick solutions for your online business. Use our free Domain Only tariff for the pure domain hosting. Here you can intrude any number of domains, and pay only the applicable variable domain fees. There are no fees for registration or the parades to us or by us on to another provider.

You want to register your domain for free? Then you are exactly right with us. You pay no setup fee for domains, but only the regular yearly domain price. And in many of our web hosting deals domains are already completely free including.

Of course you can use your domain hosting with us and for your e-mail communication. So we offer in many tariffs to unlimited number of email addresses, mailboxes and forwarders. In addition, you can receive your e-mails both on POP3 or IMAP, and both our webmail directly in the browser, via your e-mail program such as Outlook, Thunderbird or Apple Mail as well as on your smartphone (iPhone, Android devices Windows Phone, etc.).

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